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About Aquarela

8 hours of audio lessons

Over 450 exercísios

Brazilian Cultural Content

Aquarela Portuguese for Foreigners is a comprehensive textbook which features 8 hour of high-quality audio lessons and concepts in Brazilian Portuguese language instruction that the author have developed over the last 15 years while teaching Portuguese to hundreds of students of US Federal Government, international organizations, and private sector. Although this book is primarily intended for beginning to intermediate level students, given the book’s comprehensive nature, it will prove useful to anyone in need of a thorough and well-organized textbook and a review of Portuguese. Aquarela is designed to teach Portuguese as a second language to people who are interested in learning the language and culture of Brazil.

This textbook aims to be a practical approach to language acquisition, focusing on everyday language use, as well as work-related situations. It is ideal for adult learners. Aquarela was created to be practical and user-friendly. The method provides students of Brazilian Portuguese with an in-depth, structured approach to develop oral communication and compression skills. Aquarela is an excellent source of wide-raging, up-to-date vocabulary and useful phrases. Grammar is explained for practical use, keeping linguistic terminology to a minimum. It is explained easily and simply, presented schematically with graphics and tables, and in context, emphasizing particular grammatical concepts introduced in logical order.

Aquarela uses a highly effective method with audios aimed to develop listening comprehension and pronunciation skills. The audios enable you to hear Portuguese as it is really spoken by presenting dialogues between native Brazilian speakers. The audios include recordings of all 10 lesson dialogues and texts, some grammar, vocabulary and oral exercises. They are available for free on Aquarela’s website.


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