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Aquarela Portuguese for Foreigners has been widely and successfully used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), US Deparment of State/Foreigh Language Institute (FSI), Syracuse University, Howard University, Washington University of Saint Louis, Carleton University – Canada, USDA Graduate School, Montgomery College - MD, ICA Language Services – VA, International Language Institute, and many others Foreign Language Schools and Institutes. Besides, being used by these institutions, has sold hundreds of Aquarela’s copies worldwide.

What People Say on

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Excellent book

".This Brazilian Portuguese textbook is excellent, thorough and well structured. I have studied Portuguese and used several other textbooks, but this one is by far the most comprehensive and user-friendly. It spans an entire curriculum so that you don't need book 1, book 2, book 3 etc. It is a great text for university level and beyond classrooms, or a super individual review for those who have been exposed to some Portuguese. It includes a CD to help with pronunciation and listening skills. It is well organized and gives complete grammar explanations. Most importantly, it provides and opportunity to practice the critical language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. This text introduces vocabulary for each lesson, provides helpful grammar exercises for each point introduced, incorporates many cultural tidbits on topics such as food, music, jokes, geography, etc. The themes in the book are very practical life skills topics like travel, finance, sports, housing, etc. There are quizzes at the end of each lesson for review and comprehension, as well as cloze
(fill-in-the-blank) exercises for listening comprehension. The answer key in the back, which many language texts lack, is especially useful for those studying on their own. If trying to choose a complete text for your classroom or for self-study, you will find this book a wonderful resource!
F. DeParis - Leesburg, VA United States. 02/14/2010

Concise and To the Point

"... I wrote a review displaying my dislike for the book I am now giving it 5 after going through the material about 3 times already - reading and re-reading and writing and re-writing the dialogues and texts. The book is concise and to the point. each lesson offers either a dialogue to the subject matter (Internet/ Restaurant/ Airport) or a brief cultural story (Oscar Niemeyer/ Carnaval/ Immigration). I love the dialogues and with the help of my friend I get to practice prononciation; which was one of the major issues that bothered me with this book - the man at the beginning of the book does speak rather difficult and for me the major difficulty is the difference between ô and ó which do not have the same sound as pointed out by my friend but the speaker who introduces the sounds at the preliminary chapter does not really make a clear distinction between them; however, if he does then it is not very clear. So for me one con for the book was the Audio Supplement solely the preliminary chapter all others are well done..."

By a customer on 10/22/2010

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