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Aquarela Advanced_COVER

Aquarela Advanced Portugueses
1th Edition | 2023
eBook | ISBN

Aquarela Advanced is designed to conquer intermediate and  advanced Portuguese as a second language to people who are interested in continuing learning the language and culture of Brazil. 

This textbook aims to be a practical approach to language acquisition, focusing on everyday language use, as well as work-related situations. This step-by-step approach gives you real confidence and the tools you need to achieve a high Portuguese proficiency. It is ideal for adult learners.

Aquarela Video Lessons| Advanced Level

Lição 1 - O Ciclo do Ouro

Lição 1 - O pau-brasil

Pau-Brasil (Parte 1) - #História

Pau-Brasil (Parte 1) - #História

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Lição 1 - Economia Colonial - Cana-de-açúcar